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I keep receiving the error "drawToolbar is undefined" when I click a button to enable the Draw Toolbar from the ArcGIS JavaScript API. I also have the navTool bar in the map so as I understand I need to make sure that only one toolbar is active at a time.

My HTML and JavaScript code are in separate files so I will split them up below.

HTML (excerpt):

<div dojoType="dijit.form.Button" id="clickforXY" iconClass="clickforXY" onClick="drawToolbar.activate(esri.toolbars.Draw.POINT);">Click for XY</div>

Javascript: dojo.require(""); //dojo.require("esri.dijit.Legend"); //dojo.require("esri.dijit.OverviewMap"); dojo.require("esri.toolbars.navigation"); dojo.require("esri.arcgis.utils"); dojo.require("esri.dijit.BasemapGallery"); //dojo.require("esri.virtualearth.VETiledLayer"); dojo.require("esri.toolbars.draw");


    var map, navToolbar, symbol, geomtask, visible = [];
    var drawToolbar;
    var gsvc = null;
      var pt = null;

      function init(){
        var layersLoaded = 0;  //variable to keep track of when all layers have been loaded.
        var loading = dojo.byId("loadingImg");  //loading image. id
        var initialExtent = startExtent;  //Extent values are in config.js.
        map = new esri.Map("map", {
            extent: initialExtent, logo:false

        gsvc = new esri.tasks.GeometryService("http://dal-gisweb/ArcGIS/rest/services/Geometry/GeometryServer");

        dojo.connect(map, "onLoad", showLoading);
        dojo.connect(map, "onZoomStart", showLoading);
        dojo.connect(map, "onPanStart", showLoading);
        dojo.connect(map, 'onLoad', function(map){
            dojo.connect(dijit.byId('map'), 'resize', resizeMap);
        dojo.connect(map, "onLoad", createdrawToolbar);
        //dojo.connect(map, "onClick", projectToLatLong);

        function showLoading() {

        function hideLoading(error){
            if (layersLoaded === map.layerIds.length) {
                layersLoaded = 0;

        //Set up the TOC for initial map load.
        //Use the ImageParameters to set the visible layers in the map service during ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer construction.
        var imageParameters = new esri.layers.ImageParameters();
        imageParameters.layerIds = initialLayers;
        imageParameters.layerOption = esri.layers.ImageParameters.LAYER_OPTION_SHOW;

        //The path to the services are located in the config.js.
        basemap = new esri.layers.ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer(basemapservice);
        //oppllayer = new esri.layers.ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer(opplservice);
        dynamicLayer = new esri.layers.ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer(dynamicservice, {"imageParameters":imageParameters});

        dojo.connect(map, 'onLayersAddResult', function(results){
            //add the legend 
                    var legend = new esri.dijit.Legend({
                        map: map,
                        layerInfos: [{
                            layer: dynamicLayer,
                            title: "Crosstex"
                        arrangement: esri.dijit.Legend.ALIGN_Left
                    }, "legendDiv");
                dojo.connect(basemap, "onUpdateEnd", hideLoading);
                dojo.connect(dynamicLayer, "onUpdateEnd", hideLoading);

                //Add the ArcGIS BaseMap Gallery.
                dojo.connect(dijit.byId('map'), 'resize', resizeMap);

                function resizeMap(){
                    //resize the map when the browser resizes - view the 'Resizing and repositioning the map' section in
                    //the following help topic for more details
                    var resizeTimer;
                    dojo.connect(map, 'onLoad', function(theMap){
                        dojo.connect(dijit.byId('map'), 'resize', function(){ //resize the map if the div is resized
                            resizeTimer = setTimeout(function(){
                            }, 500);
                navToolbar = new esri.toolbars.Navigation(map);
                dojo.connect(navToolbar, "onExtentHistoryChange", extentHistoryChangeHandler);

                //set position of the zoom slider at X pixels offset from left/bottom of map
       = { left:"10px", top:"35px", width:null, height:"200px" };

        function extentHistoryChangeHandler() {
        dijit.byId("zoomprev").disabled = navToolbar.isFirstExtent();
        dijit.byId("zoomnext").disabled = navToolbar.isLastExtent();
//Sets up the ability for dynamic layers to be toggled.
        function updatedynamicLayerVisibility(){
            var inputs = dojo.query(".list_item"), input;
            //Placing layer numbers below will enforce them to be visible.
            visible = [];
            for (var i = 0, il = inputs.length; i < il; i++) {
                if (inputs[i].checked) {

//Sets up the ability for OPPL layers to be toggled.
        function updateOPPLLayerVisibility(){
            var inputs = dojo.query(".list_item"), input;
            //Placing layer numbers below will enforce them to be visible.
            visible = [];
            for (var i = 0, il = inputs.length; i < il; i++) {
                if (inputs[i].checked) {


    function createBasemapGallery() {

         var basemapGallery = new esri.dijit.BasemapGallery({
          showArcGISBasemaps: true,
          map: map
        }, "basemapGallery");


        dojo.connect(basemapGallery, "onError", function(msg) {console.log(msg)});
//Sets up the funcions for the GoToXY
    function createPoint(){;
        var infoSymbol = new esri.symbol.SimpleMarkerSymbol(esri.symbol.SimpleMarkerSymbol.STYLE_X, 15, new esri.symbol.SimpleLineSymbol(esri.symbol.SimpleLineSymbol.STYLE_SOLID, new dojo.Color([0,0,0]), 2), new dojo.Color([0,255,0,1]));

       //add point using the coordinates fromt he form below.
       var pnt_X = document.getElementById("frm_X").value;
       var pnt_Y = document.getElementById("frm_Y").value;
       var pnt_xy = new esri.geometry.Point(pnt_X, pnt_Y, map.spatialReference);

       var pnt_xysym = new esri.Graphic(esri.geometry.geographicToWebMercator(pnt_xy), infoSymbol);;
       map.centerAndZoom(esri.geometry.geographicToWebMercator(pnt_xy), map.getLevel()+1); 

      //Create the drawing toolbar.
      function createdrawToolbar(map) {

        drawToolbar = new esri.toolbars.Draw(map);
        dojo.connect(drawToolbar, "onDrawEnd", addToMap);


      function addToMap(geometry) {;
       switch (geometry.type) {
          case "point":
            var symbol = new esri.symbol.SimpleMarkerSymbol(esri.symbol.SimpleMarkerSymbol.STYLE_X, 10, new esri.symbol.SimpleLineSymbol(esri.symbol.SimpleLineSymbol.STYLE_SOLID, new dojo.Color([255,0,0]), 2), new dojo.Color([0,255,0,1]));


        var graphic = new esri.Graphic(geometry, symbol);;

      function projectToLatLong(evt) {
        var point = evt;
        var outSR = new esri.SpatialReference({ wkid: 4326});

        gsvc.project([ point ], outSR, function(projectedPoints) {

         pt = projectedPoints[0];
          //display list of points in extent
          dojo.byId("results").innerHTML = "&nbsp;Lat: " + pt.y.toFixed(6) + ",&nbsp;Long: " + pt.x.toFixed(6);

      //Used to deactivate tools in order to enable others.
      function deactAllTools() {

      //show map on load 

To view this in action you can follow the link below.

I appreciate the great help that this site offers.


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This piece of code looks wrong to me:

dojo.connect(map, 'onLoad', function(map){
  dojo.connect(dijit.byId('map'), 'resize', resizeMap);
  dojo.connect(map, "onLoad", createdrawToolbar);
  //dojo.connect(map, "onClick", projectToLatLong);

Looks like you are trying to connect to the 'onLoad' event from the onLoad event, which I'm guessing is causing createdrawToolbar to never be called. Try this:

dojo.connect(map, 'onLoad', function(map){
  dojo.connect(dijit.byId('map'), 'resize', resizeMap);
  //dojo.connect(map, "onClick", projectToLatLong);
dojo.connect(map, "onLoad", createdrawToolbar);

I'm not sure off the top of my head if you can connect multiple event listeners in dojo, I think you can. If not, you can call createdrawToolbar() directly from your first onLoad handler.

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That was it! I never caught that. Sometimes a new set of eyes can really help. – Mike Long Apr 14 '11 at 21:04

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