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I am new to arcgis.

I am building a custom desktop GIS application using arcgis engine 9.3.1 .

I want to make a custom identify tool and add it to toolbar control.

Any example or code will be helpfull.

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This ESRI web site (link) provides various versions of the identify command (code samples in VB) that you may use as a starting template for your custom tool.

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Thanx for the link.Its very usefull info.thanx again brother.. – shaik47 Apr 19 '11 at 8:38

For anyone looking for the same sort of information, but for newer versions, VBA support is being discontinued in versions newer than 10.


Important Deprecation Notice for VBA users

ESRI will no longer support VBA as a development platform beyond ArcGIS 10. Users who have custom functionality built using VBA are strongly encouraged to rewrite it using a supported development language such as Python, VB.NET, or C# to ensure that it continues to be operational and supported with future releases of ArcGIS. The topic Migrating VBA customizations to ArcGIS 10 provides some guidance.

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