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Does anyone know where I can find a list of geodetic benchmark locations for Ontario? (If a list even exists that is...)

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It's also available at Geobase Canada (Geodetic Network):

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I believe you can download it from Natural Resources Canada, but you will need to apply for a login (free):

Apparently GeoBase provides them as grouped shapefiles based on your selected location, but I'm not entirely sure if it is complete.

edit: I meant GeoBase not GeoConnections.

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Even though this topic is a little old, I think you may find this site quite handy (I use it quite a bit.) This page has a list of benchmarks that are in and around Toronto and Ottawa. If you click on them you will get a data sheet similar to what NGS gives you.

This page ( also has a list of other sources of benchmarks in CA.

Description: Canadian Benchmarks will include several types of permanently fixed survey markers, monuments or other devices that are used for taking accurate measurements within Canada.

Expanded Description: From the Canadian Spatial Reference System's online database the following benchmarks will be in this category:

Canadian Base Network (NAD83CSRS) - 154 Total Stations
Special Purpose 3-D Network (NAD83CSRS) - 3,082 Total Stations
Horizontal Control Network 2-D (NAD83) - 25,677 Total Stations
Primary Vertical Control Network (CGVD28) - 81,301 Total Stations
Canadian Gravity Standardization Net (CGSN) - 5,737 Total Stations

Other Databases

Geological Survey of Canada Coastal Monitoring (GSC) - ? Total Stations TWL Regional Station Benchmark Database MASCOT (BC database) has a huge number of benchmarks that overlap existing databases. This will need to be resolved before their types can be setup. COSINE (ON) also has a large database. I have not yet even looked at this one.

Canada-US Boundary Markers - The entire border has various types of markers delineating the location of the international boundary. Some of these markers are found in the CSRS database while others are not. At the present time there is no special category for them. Perhaps there should be as they are both US and Canada based benchmarks. For more information visit the International Boundary Commission

And finally a forum post that I found talking about Canadian Benchmarks you may find interesting.

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