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I created and modified python scripts based off of ERSI's example (, however, what would be great is to be able to batch process these files using python.

I attempted trying model builder by adding two database connections to the compress tool. (That didn't work.) Obviously, right-clicking on the tool in ArcToolbox brings up the option for batch, but I have no idea how to do this for python.

I can not seem to find anywhere the ability to do this. It's a pain to have ten scripts running the same thing but with different databases. Anyone know how to do this with python? Thank you in advance.

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create a variable for each connection and then add these variable to a list

ws1 = r'D:\Temp\conn1.sde'
ws2 = r'D:\Temp\conn2.sde'
ws3 = r'D:\Temp\conn3.sde'
WSS = [ws1,ws2,ws3]
for ws in WSS:
    arcpy.RebuildIndexes_management(ws, "SYSTEM", dataList, "ALL")
    arcpy.AnalyzeDatasets_management(ws, "SYSTEM", dataList, "ANALYZE_BASE",  "ANALYZE_DELTA", "ANALYZE_ARCHIVE")
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Could you create a python list with your 10 different database connections? Then loop through the list:

for db in databases:
    #connect to db
    #compress db
    #disconnect from db

You might need a dictionary if your connection properties differ for each database.

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