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I have twitter data with coordinates such as: [-7.2377761, 112.73091137]

I'm working with a python geo library called osgeo. The sample code indicates creating a point like this.

point = osgeo.ogr.Geometry(osgeo.ogr.wkbPoint)
point.SetPoint(0, 474595, 4429281)

The values above do not look like lat/lon. How do I perform the conversion?

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There is nothing in your Question to suggest that you need to perform a conversion.

Instead, I would try:

point = osgeo.ogr.Geometry(osgeo.ogr.wkbPoint)
point.SetPoint(0, 112.73091137, -7.2377761)

The original values look like they are from a projected coordinate system whereas you appear to be receiving Twitter data in a geographic coordinate system but both are just numbers.

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You are right. Dumb question. Thank you. – Prashanth Ellina Feb 27 '14 at 23:41

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