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I'm trying to simply add a string in front of a group of numbers from another field in a new field. The filed I'm using update cursor in is GIS_ID_PAM and I'm trying to bring over numbers from a column called PointID. My intent is to get "PAM - " in front of the numbers from the PointID column. Here's what I have that isn't working.

        urows = arcpy.UpdateCursor(fc)
        for urow in urows:
            urow.DateImport = str(timestr)
            urow.GIS_ID_PAM = "PAM - " + [PointID]
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Is GIS_ID_PAM of field type Text or something else? – Martin Mar 13 '14 at 14:43
If you are using ArcMap >= 10.1, you should investigate the data access module. Much better cursor support. – Paul Mar 13 '14 at 22:15
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If PointID is one of the fields of fc, you can either use

urow.GIS_ID_PAM = "PAM - " + str(urow.PointID)


urow.setValue("GIS_ID_PAM", "PAM - " + str(urow.getValue("PointID"))

str() is not necessary if your PointID field is already of type "text".

EDIT : example with .format() (based on Paul's comment)

urow.setValue("GIS_ID_PAM", "PAM - {0!s}".format(urow.getValue("PointID"))
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Instead of using string concatenation, you might want to use .format(). It has built in string casting for variables and can be a lot simpler when concatenating strings and variables. – Paul Mar 13 '14 at 22:14

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