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I'm trying to find a .NET GeoJSON library which I can use to export my SqlServer2008 spatial boundaries (in binary format -> eg. STAsBinary()) from my .NET code to my HTML frontend to display on a google map.

At first I felt that it might be a StackOverflow question, but this site I feel is more specialised to helping me out.

Does anyone know of any?

NOTE: This dll does NOT have to be imported into SqlServer2008. In fact, it will not. I'll use it in my C# MVC WebSite.

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The C# bindings for gdal/ogr are always an option. You can create a geometry instance using WKB, and then export to JSON.

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@user980 - can this WKB data .. which will be transported over the wire as JSON .. be loaded into google maps? – Pure.Krome Jun 13 '11 at 5:19

If you are using MVC, it is fairly easy to setup a few classes for FeatureCollection, Feature, and then your Geometry type then serialize them using JsonResult. For Json arrays like "features" you can use an arraylist, and for a feature's "properties" use a dictionary with strings for keys and objects for values.

If not MVC, you can do something similar with Json.NET.

Hope that helps, David

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You can use GeoJSON.Net. I have no experience with it yet. But I'm planning to work with it. I'll let you know it's usefulness when I do.

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Are you a bot? I've seen this answer across multiple questions? When are you going to get back and update everyone with it's usefulness? – BenCr Mar 11 at 15:39
I'm not a bot. And I didn't use it so I can't tell it's usefulness. – Mahmoodvcs Mar 13 at 6:51
It's not a particularly useful answer then. – BenCr Mar 14 at 10:25
In looking at that library, it does not appear to have any facilities to read from WKT, WKB, or GML, which are the formats I have seen supported for exporting to from SqlGeography. – N8allan May 26 at 5:51

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