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I'm looking for an algorithm, high level solution, or even a library which can help me determine if two polygons intersect, in Python.

I have the vertices of the two polygons (These are single part polygons without any holes)in two different arrays. The polygons are 2D (i.e. just X & Y coordinates)

I'll like to make an function which will return a boolean indicating whether these two polygons intersect.

Please note that I cannot use arcpy, or any arcgis components in this.

Can you suggest an Algorithm or library for doing this?

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Have you tried with shapely ?

They describe spatial relationships and it work on windows

The spatial data model is accompanied by a group of natural language relationships between geometric objects – contains, intersects, overlaps, touches, etc. – and a theoretical framework for understanding them using the 3x3 matrix of the mutual intersections of their component point sets

The following code shows how you can test for intersection:

from shapely.geometry import Polygon
print p1.intersects(p2)
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You can use the GDAL/OGR Python bindings for that.

from osgeo import ogr

wkt1 = "POLYGON ((1208064.271243039 624154.6783778917, 1208064.271243039 601260.9785661874, 1231345.9998651114 601260.9785661874, 1231345.9998651114 624154.6783778917, 1208064.271243039 624154.6783778917))"
wkt2 = "POLYGON ((1199915.6662253144 633079.3410163528, 1199915.6662253144 614453.958118695, 1219317.1067437078 614453.958118695, 1219317.1067437078 633079.3410163528, 1199915.6662253144 633079.3410163528)))"

poly1 = ogr.CreateGeometryFromWkt(wkt1)
poly2 = ogr.CreateGeometryFromWkt(wkt2)

intersection = poly1.Intersection(poly2)

print intersection.ExportToWkt()

It returns None if they don't intersect. If they intersect it returns the geometry were both intersect.

Also you can find further infos in the GDAL/OGR Cookbook .

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I would love to use this, but I'm on windows, and on both the systems i've tried, I can't get the python bindings to work. I run into the problem described in this post:… – Devdatta Tengshe Mar 18 '14 at 13:13
Just in case someone else stumbles upon this, it is possible to use GDAL/OGR with Python in Windows (and within ArcGIS, no less):… – Evil Genius Mar 19 '14 at 12:16
you also can write intersection = poly1.Intersect(poly2) --- the value of intersection will be TRUE or FALSE depending on if the polygons intersect – Max Nov 19 '15 at 10:01

If you know or are interested in learning R it has some useful spatial packages. There is Python module to interact with R (RPy*)

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