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We are a library looking at using GeoServer and GeoNetwork as the basis of a GIS repository/catalog. When we enter layers in GeoServer and then harvest using GeoNetwork, we end up with a large number of layers for which we have to enter metadata in GeoNetwork. University of Virgina have a tool that they use to group layers, and then publish the record for the group to GeoNetwork, but I was wondering if other people had come up with solutions that they would be willing to share.

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Hi Garey, could you help me understand your question a bit better?GeoNetwork is requiring entry of metadata on a per-layer basis, where you'd like to provide metadata at a higher level? How are you producing the metadata documents? – scw Aug 18 '10 at 1:34

I don't need it for the moment but it seems Geonode is a way to get a solution (

I've only heard of this project. If someone have more informations, I will be happy to get them too.

Official Geonode website on

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Looks like a decent answer AND it's the only answer :) +100 – JasonBirch Aug 20 '10 at 23:08

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