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Is it possible to add / view media attachments (photos) in an SDE Feature Class? I'm using the Editing Widget Tool which works. The problem is that I can't add attachments or view existing attachments.

I just want to know if attachments are a possibility in Sharepoint Feature Classes or Shapefiles.

As a bonus, what could be my issue or how do you enable attachments?

My attachments work in editing / viewing.

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I would advise you to begin accepting some of the answers you have recieved to your previous questions. If none of the answers works for you, then you might consider rephrasing your future questions, so that you can improve the probability of recieving more useful/helpful answers. – Chau Apr 29 '11 at 10:25
Maybe I'm mising something. Chau, are you saying that someone has answered my question and I'm not accepting what they say? Or are you saying that I need to click a button on previous, enrelated questions, stating that I accept their solutions? Also, can you please advise on how I can rephrase this question to be more clear as I find it very straight forward? Please assist me so I can use the forum better as you suggest. – RGIA May 2 '11 at 18:23
I am saying (or at least trying to :) ) that in order for other users to feel that it is worth (in this capitalistic world) to answer your question, they would like to see that you have an accept rate near 100%, rather than your 0% accept rate. Other users get points from accepted or up-voted answers. You can improve your accept rate by accepting the answers to your other questions - but only if the answers have helped you!. If you don't get any helping answers, then your questions might be (but not necessarily) ill phrased. Does this makes any sense? – Chau May 3 '11 at 7:30

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