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I have a road network of one county in Norway . To this road network, I will make myself a turn feature class of all the road barrier in the road network. I have a feature class with all the road barriers in a point feature class that shows where the road barriers are. Is there anyone who can help me to create a model in model builder or a python script that creates a turn feature class from my road barrier point feature class? There are too many road barriers inn the county to do this manually, so I have to automate the method to do it . I have started to make me a buffer zone of about 1 meter around all my points in my point feature class . Then I clip all the buffer zones against the road network . I do this to get a line feature class with the road barriers that I will make the turn feature class from. But my problem starts here : I do not know how to make a turn feature class from my line feature class that is connected to my road network . Can someone please try to help me with this problem?

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