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I am trying to build a GeoProcessing model which will find any parcels that have had their geometry values changed and store the corresponding parcel numbers in a separate non-spatial table. I am using ArcGIS 10.

Does anyone know of any python scripts that would accomplish these tasks? One potential solution I found is the Compare Layer to Snapshot tool. Even though this is listed in the ArcGIS Resource Center, I can not find it in my version of ArcMap.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You might take a look at the ArcGIS Feature Compare tool. It supposedly should do the trick, however I have had a tough time using it unless you can sort both datasets so that they ordered exactly the same line-for-line, which is how it appears to compare the old-new datasets.

A while back I also created a python script that just compares geometry changes by doing a "SearchByLocation" is "Identical". I just posted to the ArcGIS Resource Center Geoprocessing gallery if you want to take a look and modify to meet your specific needs.

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