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Can you point me to examples of interesting scientific posters featuring results of geospatial analysis and/or geovisualizations?

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See Tufts GIS Poster Expo for some inspiration… – radek May 10 '11 at 18:32
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Most GIS scientific posters will come out of either Universities or State GIS conferences. Here are two examples:

The Ohio GIS Conference has a yearly poster/map gallery that delinates between General, Analytical, and Communicative categories (2010 link).

Brown University

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Thanks! Ohio resources are really great. – radek May 10 '11 at 19:16

Look on for some examples. Unfortunately, I don't found posters examples for the FOSS4G 2010.

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Maybe you can try to browse on FOSS4G conference pages. They usually have poster session, like this one FOSS4G Europe 2015.

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True, but not really very different to the existing answer by Thomas77. – John Barça Apr 28 at 18:09
I know, but this link is updated with recent posters. But I see your point. – Dean7 Apr 28 at 18:33

May I add this website that ESRI has their Map Book Gallary. It has Online, Map Book archive ? Sometimes when I need something to look at, I usually go this site and to look at them.

There is another one not only for International but in United States as well..

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Plenty of good resources there.. however I do not think they would qualify as scientific posters.. – radek Apr 29 at 8:08

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