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I'm having trouble with a model that is supposed to truncate data from the attribute table of a feature class (which is in a file geodatabase not ArcSDE) and then append it with new data. The truncate operation returns a success result but the geometry remains intact after the truncate. I also tried the delete features and delete rows tools but they each return a generic function error.

I'm not sure if this problem is due to the fact that the feature class being truncated is associated with a published map service.

I should note that this custom geoprocessing tool is being published to a server from where it will be invoked programatically in a flex arcgis web application. What worries me is whether truncating data directly from a feature class which is associated with a published map service is a bad idea. Also, this model worked fine initially until the first time that it was invoked from the flex application through the published geoprocessing tool.

I am using ArcGis 10.1, ArcGIS Viewer for Flex 3.6.

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It seems the truncate table operation was not working correctly for some reason –  goonerify May 28 '14 at 14:15

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