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I have recently installed QGIS-2.2.0 but the Database tab in the top-menu bar is missing. It looks the main reason is missing libgdal1h library. But when I am installing it, it's removing Postgresql-9.3, PostGIS-2.1 and PgAdminIII (which initially asked for libgdal1 library during installation) before installation. I want PostGIS to connect to from QGIS Database tab (Database Manager). I guess, there is a conflict between libgdal1h and libgdal1.

Please help to fix. I am on Ubuntu-12.04.

Cheers! Zia

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How did you install QGIS? Where are you getting libgdal1h in order to install it (it's not present on a clean 12.04)? If you're using e.g. both the pgdg and ubuntugis repositories, it looks like they do indeed currently conflict, and I'm afraid I'm not sure of a workaround. –  Matthew Somerville Jun 10 '14 at 9:50
m sorry for being late. I guess there is some problem with my OS. –  Zia Jun 20 '14 at 17:37

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