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you have to control it by OnContextMenu event. you have to add an extension into your project. then in context menu event you can control that if your tool is active, context menu popup else don't popup. Private Sub OnContextMenu(x As Integer, y As Integer, ByRef handled As Boolean) If YourCommandActiveCondition Then Dim pContextMenu As ...


No there is no .NET libraries for QGIS. The only options there are Python and C++.


KK was quick on the trigger while I was in progress with similar. KK's answer assumes each part is linear (consisting only of a start and end vertex). This answer is similar but does not make that assumption, but otherwise has the same limitation that it assumes that there are no misordered or flipped parts. /// <summary> /// Test ...


This is an update to my old answer. The following tests ok for polylines that have gaps between their paths and are not oriented. Updated again to keep gaps that are larger than tolerance, and sort the resulting multipart polylines. The key concept is to create a Directed Graph (Digraph) of the polyline. A hash function is used to assign node IDs points ...

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