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The IScreenDisplay interface has a ScaleContents property; set it to True and the old behavior is back. My.ArcMap.Document.ActiveView.ScreenDisplay.ScaleContents = True This works as a button click event in ArcMap, though I'll probably create an extension that the user can enable or disable. Hopefully it will also work in your application.


When the form is resized at run time, the PageLayoutControl and MapControl do not automatically resize. To resize the controls so that they always fill the extent of the form, anchor the controls to the form. If the PageLayoutControl or MapControl contains a lot of data, redrawing this data while the form is resized can be costly. To increase performance, ...


As fas as i know you cannot change the field names or types on export. You have 3 options: build an exporter that does this, create an empty shapefile with the fields you want first and load the exported features into it using a field map. Or export the feature class, then add fields and calculate the values into the new field, then delete the original ...

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