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If I were doing this on the command line (and assuming I understand what you're asking), I'd use the -translate_then_scale_x and -translate_then_scale_y. This will offset the point cloud by the translate amount, then scale it. Then you can translate it back using -translate_x and -translate_y. So, if the point of origin of the scale is 1000, 2500, and the ...


This may not be the most helpful answer but I ws told that this type of crash (Im getting it to) may have to do with the way that the program is accessing your graphics card. I have staff that are working to resolve the issue for me but it is something to investigate. I believe it is briefly mentioned in the Interpolate Polygons to Multipatch documentation ...


If possible try to convert it to a .3ds file. I have had more luck with those than .dae for preserving texture.


You don't need to be updating row[1] for every feature, so cursor.updateRow(row) should be under the final else statement. Also, I'd suggest using with statements as closing is better supported: fc = r"C:\Points\Test.gdb\Points_3d" with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor (fc, ["Elevation","Slope"]) as cursor: firstRun = True for row in cursor: if ...

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