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A couple of things to test. You say it has Z values. A feature class can be Z aware but have no Z values. So first thing to test is does your point dataset actually have a number for its Z value? You mention that it is a multipoint dataset. May be its a bug in the tool (I've personally never used it), may be it only accepts single part datasets? Try ...


Unfortunately you can't use arcpy to work with ArcScene and sxd layers. You will be able to manage extrusion and other properties of 3D layers with the new mapping module in ArcGIS Pro - check the Layer properties and methods available in ArcGIS Pro. You can try the prerelease of ArcGIS Pro right now if you have a current maintenance contract with Esri, I ...


You might consider using the Visibility Index, which is a measure of the size of the viewshed for each pixel in a DEM. This way you could measure the overall visibility of a pathway or route. I wrote a blog on the calculation of the visibility index and some of the challenges involved that you might find useful here: ...


Have you considered using a model to automate this? You could use an iterator to step through each point and generate a view shed for it. Then if required merge the grids. If you do not know what I am talking about its time for you to open up desktop help and start reading up on model builder. This will allow you to automate this task.

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