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Yes it can here is a video of heat index from Texas geothermal BHT using Google Earth view below the surface: You can also access the KML or KMZ files here: This link also has examples in Cesium using KMZ. This paper title includes two examples (earthquakes and geothermal) of ...


It worked for me. I used QGIS to produce a shp file from a geotiff from Then opened GDAL and put as per Nathan W above: ogr2ogr -f "dxf" C:\0GeoOUT\kane4.dxf C:\0GeoIN\contour.shp -zfield ELEV So I could understand it better on my system I set up input and output folders. I avoided spaces or periods in paths as I had failure (...


You need to make sure that you extrude along the world coordinate systems Y-axis e.g. Lot --> extrude(world.y, 10) The above ensures that you use the Y-axis to extrude along and 10 being the value to extrude by.

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