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!shape.length3D! does work. I had to make sure that I selected the PYTHON_9.3 Expression type in the Calculate field Options dialog. (I'm running 10.2.)


All the answers are found in the ArcGIS resource site. Here's the Surface Volume tool, and a more elaborate help regarding your questions.


There is a good website here that lists the ever expanding set of 3D rendering libraries for Android. I can't speak to the quality of any of them as I've only ever used JMonkeyEngine very briefly. They do have a range of target platforms (including Android obviously) and are based on various languages including C/C++, Java, and JavaScript. The other option ...


For the sake of completeness. I believe this should be a comment on Regan response. But since I don't have enough reputation I'll leave it as a response. The DXF writer supports 2.5D layers, and given a line input, should output a 3D linestring on dxf. In the case of input POLYGONS you have to be more careful, since the driver defaults to generate a dxf ...

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