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There is a Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout - 66 channel w/10 Hz, it has position accuracy of <3 meter, velocity accuracy of 0.1 meter per second and cost around 40$. For a working model with Raspberry Pi, here is a tutorial.


As many on this forum know, I am often for an R solution. However, in this case it is reinventing the wheel, and in a much less robust way. There is a great piece of free software, Map Comparison Kit (MCK), that implements many published and novel validation statistics for rasters. Of particular interest in this case are the Kappa, fuzzy Kappa and weighted ...


As PolyGo and Brad noted, StackExchange does not host data itself. For a global dataset of inland waterways, SRTM may be the best source readily available. Have you looked at a description of the data. It is actually quite good resolution considering the extent. If you are interested in coastlines and will be working at various scales I also recommend ...


I'm going to answer the exact question you asked. If that isn't what you really meant, please update your question. Where from your website can I access worldwide vector water body shapefiles that have better resolution than the generic SRTM 90m data? You can't. This website (gis.stackexchange.com) is a Q&A site (per PolyGeo's comment on your ...

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