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The exported gpx files from openrouteservice are already quite good for navigation purposes, which means, that the points follow the street already almost perfectly and you just have to follow the current road until the next waypoint comes up. E.g. if you need to turn, there is already a waypoint at the junction in the gpx file. You can try to turn off the ...


Assuming you have line-of-sight to the whole of the route you want to drive from a single observation point, an optical TotalStation mounted at that observation point would allow you to track a prism mounted on your tractor with millimeter accuracy. You'd need two surveyed locations to set up the measurements (usually the observation point and another ...


To calculate overall accuracy assessment in eCognition using shapefiles you need to do following steps: First, add shapefiles in to eCognition as thematic layer by modifying the project. (make sure that points has the same projected coordinates system as your classification image) Further two steps you can find on ecognition user guide "Creating Samples ...


Because of precision limitations, as stated in a commen, it might be impossible to make a point be exactly on top of a line segment. On the other hand, if that is mandatory ( for network analysis for example) you may want to do the opposite, create a new vertex for your line in the exact place on the point. That. Should work.

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