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DOP relates the User Ranging Error (URE) to position coordinates error (PCE): PCE = URE * DOP It seems you already determined both PCE (2 m) and HDOP (1.2). The only unknown left is URE, which is this case equals URE = HPCE / HDOP = 1.67 m. Now with that information at hand, you can assume the URE will not change, then predict the PCE of interest ...


Contour interval is a single number that defines the number of vertical units between contours. You can't have 10, 5, 2 unless you have different sets of contours. If it's 5, each line represents 5 vertical feet of change between lines. You can of course highlight 10m contours on an interval of 2 (every fifth) or 5 (every other). Contour lines are an ...

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