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First of all, the GPS Almanac consists of information about the GPS constellation, satellites' health and their course in order to make it easier (possible) for your receiver to find them in the air. (Most of the time, you do not need to download that since you did before, but that is a discussion for another Q/A). The point is, almanac is not important for ...


In case anybody else ever needs an answer to this question, I decided after a bit of research that a permutation based method comparing kappa values would be suitable. McNemars test would've been suitable if my classifications were independent of one another, but as they were obviously not the test wasn't. So I randomly sampled 300 of the 2000 validation ...


Yes, the extent isn't accurate. If you have spatial analyst extension then use IsNull to create a binary raster, raster to polygon (no simplify) and then dissolve with no fields to create a clipping polygon. Once you've got that then just clip as normal. If you haven't got Spatial Analyst then it's a bit more tricky.


Problem: applying moving window in matrix/raster to calculate Kappa statistics between classified map and reference dataset Solution: using focal{raster package}. This will implement moving window in raster function "modal" fun=modal to keep the majority values of neighbour values movingFun() from the {Raster}is mostly for vectors R code for focal() ...

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