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A second approach using a utility exe (requires .NET 4) that I've recently extended: esri_addin_util.exe -o UpdateProperties --updateDate --addinDesc="Test Description ABC" --increaseVersion -f "Path to the Directory containing the esriaddinx file" -o/--operation required option is missing. ...


You can compile it for lowest supported version. As long as you aren't using features that were added in a later version it will be forward compatible. So in your case build it for 10.2. Be sure to test that things work as expected in each version to be supported since various bug fixes, etc between version can cause issues in your Add-in. Also see here: ...


Addins are not backwards compatible and cannot be installed on an earlier version of ArcMap. You'll have to set up a development machine or VM with ArcGIS 10.0 and Visual Studio 2010 to compile the addin then it can be distributed to PCs running later versions of ArcGIS.

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