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You can find and delete the Addins for ESRI at this location. C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\ArcGIS\AddIns. You also need to have your ESRI product closed when installing or reinstalling addins.


The way I have done this in the past is to put the code to close the window in the close document event. So you need to set up a document event handler to catch the close document event: Private m_CloseDocument Private Sub DocumentEventsHandler(ByVal doc As IMxDocument) If doc is Nothing Then Return End If Dim documentEvents = ...


Thanks to Daniel from geonet, the problem has been solved. As far as referencing ValidFacet is concerned, the app needed to be changed from 'void' to 'bool'. Daniel also corrected various problems with ValidFacet so that it is now: public static bool ValidFacet(string facetStr) { IMxDocument pMxDoc = ArcMap.Document; IMap pMap = ...

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