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In QGIS you can try the Distance Matrix of Saga (under Processing > Tools > Saga > Shapes - Points). This calculates a distance matrix for all points in one layer only, but does include an ID. Just combine the two layers into one (e.g. with Vector > Data Management Tools > Merge Shapefile to One). Make sure that you have some attribute that makes it possible ...


Arcgis solution, but applicable to any decent GIS. Project your layers. Calculate xy columns Join table to another by address. Calculate distance between 2 pairs of coordinates


Try unmatching the address first, it could already be matched. I've attached two screen grabs to show what I mean.


Technically it is possible to write a bot for getting those information, but sooner or later you will either hit a legal issue or a query limit (cf. Section C of 118118 terms on bulk downloads). For bulk operations I would recommend setting up your own instance of the OpenStreetMap server with Overpass API, where you can find the necessary information. ...

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