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In qgis you can use the mmqgis plugin to geocode addresses. How to use this plugin can be found here: http://michaelminn.com/linux/mmqgis in the chapter Geocode Tools


This one uses REGEX based US address parsing: http://search.cpan.org/~timb/Geo-StreetAddress-US-1.04/US.pm And it's javascript port: https://github.com/hassansin/parse-address. You can probably do the same for other countries.


I think you're right, Mapperz, about PSTLSTATE, PSTZIP5, and PSTZIP4 being there to create an address locator. I'll just add that I did some research and believe that INTSTATE is the country code, for example Canada is CA. I think the reason it's 5 characters in length is that you can get extensions like US-VI for the US Virgin Islands. Apparently it's the ...


I believe the only reason for fields in US format is for the Address Locator Style in ArcGIS for Creating an Address Locator (for Geocoding) (without designing your own Canadian Address Locator)


I believe your expression should be: left( "SITE_ADDR", strpos( "SITE_ADDR", ' ' )) Note single quotes around string, do not need to minus 1.

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