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http://layers.openstreetmap.fr/ is what you're looking for. Has colored layers for each admin level's coverage over the whole OSM database.


You could add Labels to your layer which shows the values of fields. If your layer already has an attribute field containing city/borough names, you can: Double-click the layer to access the Layer Properties Select the Labels tab Select the "Label this layer with" option (if you're using QGIS 2.8) Select the field which contains the names of your ...


In order to locate the Pale of Settlement you need to do a search on http://worldmap.harvard.edu/maps/russianempire Go to Add Layers Search 'Pale' Locate the Pale of Settlement view on the map..


Convert your map to a SpatialPolygons object and then use gIntersection from the rgeos package. This clips your blue polygons exactly to the state boundaries. Inspired by this answer. library(rgeos) library(maps) library(maptools) mmap <- map('state', regions=c('maryland', 'virginia', 'delaware'), fill=TRUE) IDs <- sapply(strsplit(mmap$names, ":"), ...

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