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Try this Overpass API query: [out:json] [timeout:90] ; area(3601059668)->.searchArea; relation ["boundary"="administrative"] ["admin_level"="7"] (area.searchArea); out body; >; out skel qt; ID 3601059668 corresponds to the relation ID 1059668 (+3600000000) which is the administrative boundary of Norway. You can download the raw data from ...


Global Administrative Areas free download, in pretty high detail. The single layer download sounds like what you are looking for.


Unless you have a particular reason for using the boundary commissions, you can get national boundaries from the downloads at Natural Earth (theses include contested areas - if there are any in your area of interest). Go to the link, look under "Large Scale" and then "Cultural" for the files you will need.


Would this dataset be helpful for you? http://geocommons.com/overlays/106797 It contains Digital Marketing Areas (DMA)for the United States of America and it's exportable as a geospatial vector file uploadable to CartoDB. Unfortunately, I'm not sharing it in the Data Library section because of: The DMA boundaries and DMA data are owned solely and ...

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