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This ( site is great for getting administrative data from all over the world including Europe. You can get data at different administrative levels as well (e.g., Country, State, County).


You can download the "official" EU administrative/statistical units from Eurostat's GISCO service. The vector layers are available as ESRI Shapefiles and Personal GDBs, at different resolutions from here. Note, in order to extract the country level polygons as below, you will need to extract all features based on the following query STAT_LEVL_ = 1 from ...


Natural Earth is a great source for free data, including country and state borders, at a variety of scales. You would just need to select European countries using the attribute table.


You can download world countries from ArcGIS Online and then open the attribute table, select by attribute (CONTINENT = 'Europe') and then right click to export Europe as a new layer. Presumably you can do the same with other global data sets you've found.

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