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You can go to the Census India web site which provides various admin boundary maps. For some states it is down to the level of villages where as most states have it up to Taluka (Tehsil, subdistrict) level.


The ZCTA5(Zip Code Tabulation Area) shapefile from the Census Bureau should have what you are looking for. 2010_ZCTA5 Here are single state files, although 2010 Version. Click on the State name, then the 2 digit State FIPs code, then ZCTA510.zip should be at the bottom.


Shape files for India municipalities/village level won't be available as of now, But can be generated in QGIS or other such softwares by overlay digitization with background Web Map Services. India's Bhuvan is providing Web Map Service for 18 States at village or municipality level along with other numerous layers. To use WMS with QGIS this is a good ...

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