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Yes, what you already guessed, your computer capacity and the large amount of features. You van solve this in Postgis though, if you know how that works.


I think these days the best library is probably simple-statistics. It's very high quality, and used by TurfJS. It uses "ckmeans" as an improvement over Jenks. An (older) demo: http://bl.ocks.org/tmcw/4969184


I just implemented this myself and posted my answer over on StackOverflow, but I figured I'd drop my version here for others to view: import numpy as np from scipy.spatial import ConvexHull def minimum_bounding_rectangle(points): """ Find the smallest bounding rectangle for a set of points. Returns a set of points representing the corners of ...


This is @moortea answer images:


I uploaded some photos which include a solution. Have a look at it. https://yadi.sk/d/5w13QMplkBUGM

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