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If you are creating the buffers from line segments, then you could always try using the following with a Standard License - Convert the polyline feature class being buffered into a [Route] using create route within the Linear Referencing Toolbox, Then within the feature class properties dialog, click on the [Hatches] tab, Then you could add a Hatch that is ...


After clasiification you can Convert Raster to Polygon in Arcgis and then Open the attribute tables to fetch the area of each class of polygons.


If you use free SAGA GIS (http://www.saga-gis.org/), you have some interesting options to calculate vertical distance to river. I recommend the algorithms, both on the toolbox cold "Terrain Analysis - channels": "overland flow distance to channel network" and "vertical distance to channel network". Each one has a different approach. The "overland flow ...

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