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I've only done this a couple of times, so I'm far from an expert. There's a bit more to getting it into collector. Your layers need to be shared as feature layers in ArcGIS online, and they need to be editable. I don't think you can share an mxd from ArcMap and have it available in Collector. The way I did it was to import a shapefile to Online, then ...


You can read WKB as many other geo formats using JTS and add this data onto osm map as vector overlay. As example GeoJson Layer from MapBox SDK


Here I shared my knowledge about this WMTS Layer question. Since there are so many 3rd party of those WMTS layer, it is better to test first for specific WMTS source with certain API. I am not really sure how did you test the WMTS Layer with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS, but here is a good code snippet sample to check-out (both .h & .m file on GitHub): ...


As long as you have the data in OpenStreetMap format (i.e., you created it in JOSM, and exported as .osm), you should be able to load it into any tool that works with OSM data. I'd take a look at OpenTripPlanner, which has a heavy transit focus but should also work for simple walk trips. You should be able to build a graph file that is then loaded into an ...


We have developed a simlar Android Application that shows Map data in an offline Mode. To show the map, we used the Google Maps API for Android; The data came from a couple of MBtiles files. We used the code from https://github.com/cocoahero/android-gmaps-addons to display the tiles from MbTiles on to the map. In your case, the tiles are created by ArcGIS ...


AFAIK there is (currently) no such lib https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Frameworks


2 excellent solutions: OsmAnd or in GooglePlay which is an excellent App which allow you to download OSM maps for all the world in vector format... so it is very useful (to find place by name for example) and you can have mountain shadow, elevation lines, etc. You can easily also register waypoint or tracks which are saved in GPX. GPX tracks or points can ...

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