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I do not believe you are comparing apples to apples here. The R1 and R2 are are MGIS products (I realize the R2 can also be used by Trimble Access) and the use of 3rd party software is more likely, whereas the R3 (L1 only), R4 all the way to the R10 are survey receivers. The survey receivers typically require a specialized software, like Trimble Access to ...


You can use a local db create from a .shp using tile format stored in db called .mbtiles and for spatial querys still use spatialite. You can use ESRI sdk for android for maps visibility.


Some mobile CPUs are marketed as supporting Galileo. Like the MT3333 cpu from Mediatek, integrated in the Garmin Monterra, which is an android based GPS. But i don't know if there needs to be some additional software to integrate the functionality, or just an android config file to play with to make more satellites systems available in android configuration

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