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You are getting the ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException because you are not setting the wmsURL correctly. The API expects the URL to conform to the server type, e.g. http://srv1.nanoterra.ro:8080/geoserver/wms, then use the methods on WMSLayer to configure the layer. Below I offer code that loads the layer: // set up the sml url wmsURL = ...


You can have a closer look at Miataru It seems to be an opensource and multi-platform solution, but I have not tried on my own, so please try to get special information from its website


Fulcrum is a cost-effective and customizable GIS mobile data collection platform. Includes a 30-day trial at sign up! http://fulcrumapp.com/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spatialnetworks.fulcrum&hl=en


Have a look at mapsforge ... this framework uses offline vector map files based on OpenStreetMap. next to the source code on github, there is also a quite active mailing list on googlegroups. On github you can find some wiki articles how to start, and also a sample app with all basic feeatures.


I can't yet add a comment, but this info below may be useful addition to Sean Barbeau's answer. The first part of the problem is to get a published bus network data including locations of bus stops, routes and schedule arrival/departure times into a computer readable format. Some common standard data format are: GTFS is a common bus network data format ...


In theory, any GPS device should be able to decode ephemeris and almanac data from the raw GPS signal, without requiring a wireless connection. However, I know there are some Android devices that were engineered to supply this data only over a wireless connection. This is defined at the GPS chipset layer, and typically you can't find any documentation this ...

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