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QGIS supports SVG but not as fully as QT. The SVG module in QT supports SVG, no matter what software generated. But QGIS API doesn't support arbitrary SVGs. After I tried, QGIS API do not supports SVGs that have line. Even there is SVG in symbol library, it is useless if its part layer is line(or linear). Here is how to create a SVG using Adobe ...


Something like this would work SELECT ST_Transform( ST_SetSRID( ST_GeomFromGeoJSON('{ "type": "LineString","coordinates": [ [27.456667,5.065], [30.456667,-1.088] ] }') ,4326) ,3857) AS the_geom_webmercator


This information is limited, so I'm going to assume you're talking about point data. If you control the API and want to keep it RESTFUL then you should add an additional mime type "application/vnd.geo+json" which returns geojson. I'm guessing by the name of the resource GridMapSquareResource that is can except a bounding box and only return points within ...


I have a script I use to take a list of addresses and geocode them to points in a new feature class. You just need to download the requests module and supply a service url for a Geocoding REST service. I do not really know of any open source geocoding services though. import requests import json import arcpy import os import sys arcpy.env.overwriteOutput ...


I found the error... but i am still stucked in other issue but I have opened this other thread because I can define the problem better. Legend stucks with large featurelayers at startup

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