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you can collect all polygons of a city object by using a GMLWalker GMLWalker gmlWalker= new GMLWalker() { public void visit(Polygon polygon) { if (polygon.isSetExterior()) { AbstractRing exteriorAbstractRing = polygon.getExterior().getRing(); ... } } }; cityObject.accept(gmlWalker); Have a look at ...


I think you might have to build QGIS from source on Linux Mint. See Building QGIS from source - step by step for instructions.


The demographic profile tables (DP02, DP03, DP04, DP05) are extracts from the more detailed ones, so I'm not sure they would be available on the ftp server (since all the data is there in the full tables by default). Another option would be to look at the Missouri Census Data Center's Uexplore/Dexter tools here: ...


You could use the open source GraphHopper routing library. Very easy to setup and query via HTTP. (Note: I'm the author) We also offer a commercial Matrix API based on Gramaking such queries very fast but 1-2 would be only possible for something like 50 locations. More will take longer. Also we offer up to 1000 locations, but only for custom packages.


Here would be a way to add a new feature to a polygon vector: # reference your layer, such as the active layer lyr = iface.activeLayer() # get the vertexes of your new geometry and add them to a list coordinatePairs = [] coordinatePairs.append(QgsPoint(-80.23, -3.28)) coordinatePairs.append(QgsPoint(-65.58, -4.21)) coordinatePairs.append(QgsPoint(-65.87, ...


Don't know what will happen, I've never used ArcSDE. But you can check the state of the Editor using IEditor.EditState property and use that to stop your addin launching what ever code it was going to do?

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