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Sure, You can do it one of a few different ways. First, run a SQL statement that combines all the rows into a line SELECT ST_MakeLine(ST_Collect(the_geom_webmercator)) the_geom_webmercator FROM tablename Second, do the same thing, but draw a line for each distinct group. You just need to tell the SQL statement what field to group them by SELECT ...


It is possible to create an infowindow on a runtime visualisation. See https://gist.github.com/javisantana/49d31ea2787a53e7ae2d


I don't have the reputation to make a comment, but just wanted to say @xavijam's worked for me! Please give try it and accept his answer if it works for you, it might save others the head-scratching we went through. :)


Here I shared my knowledge about this WMTS Layer question. Since there are so many 3rd party of those WMTS layer, it is better to test first for specific WMTS source with certain API. I am not really sure how did you test the WMTS Layer with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS, but here is a good code snippet sample to check-out (both .h & .m file on GitHub): ...

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