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Thanks a lot Vince for you kind support an valuable information. However, the problem was that he st_geometry had not been correctly installed at the time I ran the Create Enterprise Geodatabase Tool. I had to fix the exproc file so as during the creation of the geodatabase, the st_geometry to be properly installed. The absence of St_geometry made my ...


To check the spatial reference, right-click the feature class/shapefile/raster and select properties, then the source tab. You should see both a projected and geographic coordinate system. If you don't, or its wrong, follow Erica's answer.


First open up ArcToolbox. Then there are two possible tools you can use (both in the Data Management / Projections and Transformations toolbox), depending on the specific situation: To define the projection, use the Define Projection tool. Do this when: no projection is currently assigned, or the current projection is incorrect (e.g., data should be in ...

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