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If the suggestion offered by @GisGe to delete the Normal.mxt and, and/or a system reboot, and if necessary, an uninstall/reinstall of ArcGIS for Desktop fail to resolve this for you, then my recommendation is to contact Esri Technical Support. However, I will be surprised if a symptom like this were able to survive an uninstall/reinstall.


My understanding is that the maximum field length for a Personal Geodatabase text field is 255 characters. For a File Geodatabase the same limit appears to be 2,147,483,647 (see Maximimum length of text fields in shapefile and geodatabase formats?). For this and many other reasons I prefer to always use File Geodatabases rather than Personal Geodatabases. ...


I found what looks to be the solution to this from Thomas Brown at the old ArcGIS Discussion Forums: Once a topology dataset is register as versioned, you must perform the validation within ArcMap while editing. Simply add your topology to ArcMap (as the DEFAULT version or any other), add your topology toolbar, start editing and click the ...

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