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I would suggest you avoid procedures that are documented as being "legacy" when working with new databases. Cross-database queries in SQL-Server are inefficient, and should be avoided as general practice, but if you really want to create such a view, the table should have a native geometry type (GEOMETRY or GEOGRAPHY). Then all you need to do is register ...


In Refresh method just call ObjectRefreshed(...) on the IGxCatalog object that you got with the Attach method. private IGxCatalog _catalog; // ... public void Attach(..., IGxCatalog pCatalog) { // ... _catalog = pCatalog; // ... } // ... public void Refresh() { // ... _catalog.ObjectRefreshed(this); // ... }


You need to finish the polygon's construction with double click, right-click>Finish Sketch or F2 before saving edits.


When the ArcMap window dissapears that's not the end, ArcMap.exe is still running - doing some housekeeping: writing back to the Normal, updating symbol libraries and so on. If anything interrupts these processes ArcMap will still be present (and locking) and the process may hang... therein lies your problem. In a normal situation the end of the ArcMap.exe ...

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