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GDBT is still the best tool out there. Yes it is a registry hack to install in releases past 10.0 but it is one registry entry and does not affect existing installations. The GDBT installer is hard coded to look for version 10.0 and all the hack does is to direct the install to your ArcMap location. So add to this to your registry and you are good to go. ...


As commented by @johns you could try using the Recover File Geodatabase tool which: Recovers data from a file geodatabase that has become corrupt. but be aware that it: can only recover simple feature classes and tables. Complex data and relationships will not be recovered.


While as you have discovered the ArcGIS Server REST API doesn't expose Metadata, ArcGIS Portal and ArcGIS Online now support storing metadata for content items. This supports the listed metadata styles only and doesn't extend to custom stylesheets. If you did need to expose this metadata through the REST API then it should be possible by writing a Server ...

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