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Writing my comment as an answer: It looks to me like there was an issue with the geometry of the shapefile, so running Repair Geometry should (and did) solve this problem.


Building on Dan C's answer, I would perform the following workflow: Merge Dissolve all shapefiles based on a common key (e.g. landuse code) Intersect your area of interest polygons with the land use polygons. This is always more efficient that clipping individual polygons and trying to extract pertinent data from the individual feature attributes. ...


No, if you're using the ArcGIS Merge tool (under Data Management Tools > General), no data will be lost. All the Merge tool does is combine all the polygons into one shapefile. If the 7 separate layers have different attribute fields, all those attributes from all 7 layers will be included in the merged layer by default. Of course if your land use polygons ...


A spatial reference is not a nominal metadata property which can be changed at will. Once set, it cannot be changed. Deletion is the only supported mechanism for changing an SRID. Once you register a table with ArcGIS, it should only be deleted with geodatabase-aware tools (Desktop, Python, ArcObjects .Net/Java). When registered only from ArcSDE ...

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