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@Caleb if you use the Spatial Join (Analysis) tool, you can click on fields that pop up in the 'Field Map of Join Features (optional)' portion of the tool window. While a field is highlighted, click on the 'X' to the right and it will delete from view (and therefor not show up in your Join output feature class). Also, you can set join rules for certain ...


You are missing a + after +str(year) at the end line. Should be:"F:/Dissertation/0201_HysplitOutputs/LAI_calc/FINAL/"+month+"_"+str(year)+"_LAI_CALC","VALUE","2 28 1;28 56 2;56 84 3;84 112 4;112 140 5;140 168 6;168 196 7;196 224 8","F:/Dissertation/0201_HysplitOutputs/LAI_calc/FINAL/"+month+"_"+str(year)+"_LAI_FINAL","DATA") ...


I had the same problem and simply convert .xlsx to .csv only helped to display the x coordinate. I used the table to table file to create a new table from the .csv file and define the field type to be numeric. After that it worked. To me it seems to be more of an excel problem rather than an ArcGIS 10.3 problem...


I would use a data access module da Update Cursor and the replace() method to accomplish this. The following is the preferred (new) method of using an Update Cursor. import arcpy shp = r'C:\path\to\shapefile.shp' with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor(shp, "your_field") as cursor: for row in cursor: row[0].replace("-", "") cursor.updateRow(row)

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