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The short answer is you can't produce a clipped sid image in ArcGIS 10, the format is proprietary. But you should be able to produce a clipped jpeg 2000 (jp2) which is similar. A typical sid compression is 20 to 1. In ArcGIS to get the equivalent compression on a jp2 you would use 5 in the Environment - Raster Storage form compression quality box. (That ...


In a similar case, I used a linear feature derived from the polygons on the top, and the polygons feature below. Then, you can symbolize your lines accordingly, whereas the polygons borders (the outline color in ArcMap) can be set to no color.


I think that anyone coming across this question, who is using ArcGIS Desktop 10.0 or later, should review What are Data Driven Pages?: Data Driven Pages allow you to quickly and easily create a series of layout pages from a single map document. A feature layer, or index layer, divides the map into sections based on each index feature in the layer ...


If I understand you correctly, not in any GIS package I'm aware of. The general procedure here would be to use two polygons and symbolize them separately. That said, it is possible to edit edges of a single polygon separately - that is, move, add, delete vertices, etc. - but symbolize then differently, not as far as I know.


The shift is likely in the Google Earth / or the source imagery itself. In one of my areas of interest the imagery is off by roughly 30m. This is not uncommon. You should not use Google Earth imagery for QAQC and analysis. Also, imagery in Google Earth that is outside of popular urban areas is likely to be outdated, in many cases 10 years or older which may ...


I found the solution thaks to : ArcObjects: Memory leak in IFeatureClass.Search (only on SDE with direct connect) Code correction : ITopologicalOperator4 topoOperateur = ((IClone)secteurPsr.Shape).Clone() as ITopologicalOperator4; IGeometry geomPsr = ((IClone)currentPsr.Value.Shape).Clone(); IPolyline polylinePsr = geomPsr ...

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