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Thanks for your script Alex, very nice! I saw a small issue, since relies on several geoprocessing tools that run for each row: Create Table > Add Field > Cursor to Insert Rows > Bearing Distance To Line > Append > Delete Table > Delete Lines >>> Reiterate for next row. It took 10 secs per feature for me. Since, I needed to process around 18,000 features ...


I have been down that route and I don't suggest it. When I started to run Arcobjects with Python (almost 2yrs ago), I only knew a little bit of C#, but had what I would consider a modest knowledge of Python. Not a pro, but not a beginner either. Now, I am switching the whole Add-In (3k-ish lines of code) to C# as it will be developed further and it's not ...


very good article and i am need to reed more soon , thank you gis design gps surveying


To "go through a designated folder, [and] locate all MXD files within the folder" is relatively easy with Python, and there is a Stack Overflow Q&A that describes some ways: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3207219/how-to-list-all-files-of-a-directory-in-python However, the rest is much harder because ArcGIS Desktop 9.3 only had access to the ...

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