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Use negative label offset it will move them where you want:


Standalone code def f(s): idx = s.upper().index('S') s = s[:idx] for i in reversed(range(len(s))): if s[i].isalpha(): s = s[i+1:] break if s.isdigit(): return int(s) else: return 0 Testing print f("S2Olch1E") #0 print f("6S2Olch1E") #6 print f("5B66S2Olch1E") #66 print ...


I recommend following the instructions at Fundamentals of georeferencing a raster dataset: Raster data is commonly obtained by scanning maps or collecting aerial photographs and satellite images. Scanned map datasets don't normally contain spatial reference information (either embedded in the file or as a separate file). With aerial photography and ...

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