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Summary The IScreenDisplay interface has a ScaleContents property; set this to true Background As this question reveals, ESRI changed the default behaviour of the map control at ArcGIS 10. Less redrawing in data view In previous versions of ArcMap, if you changed the size of the ArcMap display while working in data view, either by resizing the ...


The IScreenDisplay interface has a ScaleContents property; set it to True and the old behavior is back. My.ArcMap.Document.ActiveView.ScreenDisplay.ScaleContents = True This works as a button click event in ArcMap, though I'll probably create an extension that the user can enable or disable. Hopefully it will also work in your application.


When the form is resized at run time, the PageLayoutControl and MapControl do not automatically resize. To resize the controls so that they always fill the extent of the form, anchor the controls to the form. If the PageLayoutControl or MapControl contains a lot of data, redrawing this data while the form is resized can be costly. To increase performance, ...


Are you trying to process a street network with a tool designed for processing hydrological data? Hmmm... If you are just interested in extracting nodes then have you searched arcscripts? There are numerous tools that you can download for free created by the user community. ArcScripts was "frozen in time" a few years ago when they turned off that website to ...

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