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In case this is helpful to others, i was able to create the following python code using arcpy which will place points at a specified interval based on an input line feature layer. import arcpy line_lyr = 'my_line' pt_lyr = "my_point" interval = 200 insertCursor = arcpy.da.InsertCursor(pt_lyr, ["SHAPE@XY"]) # this is the pre-existing pt feature class ...


If you have Adobe Illustrator and the MAPublisher plugin, you can open the PDF in Illustrator and then export it as shapefiles for use in ArcMap


I figured out a simple way to do this in model builder. Lets say you're are iterating over a few files to do a clip to all of them. 1) Create an interator for feature classes. Right click on it and make a variable for the workspace. 2) Rename the workspace bubble to "Workspace", and also right click on it and select "make parameter". This will prompt you ...

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