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You cannot have an annotation feature class as part of a geometric network, as it doesn't contain network data. However, you can add feature linked annotation into the network feature dataset after creation. You may be able to import the existing annotation fc in once the network has been created.


Use the Densify tool in ArcMap. The Densify tools allows you to add points to a line and you can set the distance between those points within the tool. For your case you can set the distance between the points to 2 meters for the hedges and 5 meters for the river.. After using the Densify tool you can then use the Feature Vertices To Points tool to convert ...


Your question is very general. If you want to know know to how apply Fuzzy logic in ArcGIS, ESRI provided a good explanation on how to Applying fuzzy logic to overlay rasters. The explanation in the help provides logical steps on how to use Fuzzy logic. Although it is written for ArcGIS 10.3 and 10.4, but it can be applied in 9.3 if you have Spatial Analyst ...

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