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I realise this question is tagged 9.3, but anyone looking for the same answer at 10.1 onwards is better off using arcpy.da.Walk. It is faster and more accurate than ListDatasets/FeatureClasses/Rasters/etc. import arcpy import os for root, dirs, datasets in arcpy.da.Walk('d:\scratch.gdb'): for ds in datasets: print os.path.join(root, ds) The ...


I had a similar problem with the Tabulate Intersection tool (using 10.4). I found the suggestion to place the resulting table into a geodatabase from here: It fixed the problem!


I downloaded 2 files B01-4700.tiff and B01-4700.TFwx. renamed B01-4700.TFWx into B01-4700.TFw defined projection as GCS_WGS_1984 RESULT:

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