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Coded Value Domain represents details from a FeatureLayer. This differs from a ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer as feature services are composed of features with geometry and attributes. Features in a FeatureLayer can be displayed on a map, queried, edited, and selected. You can get the CodedValueDomain from a FeatureTable in a FeatureLayer from a Feature ...


Two issues with your code: You don't add the GraphicsLayer to the MapView The Polyline you are adding to the GraphicsLayer is in the wrong spatial reference (should be 102100 (3857)) Graphic Layers do not support on-the-fly reprojection. When you add a GraphicsLayer to your MapView you must ensure the spatial reference is the same that is defined on ...


To reply on my answer, Esri's maps are not working properly on emulator. Only x86 haxm google api emulators run the Esri's map. But i recommend use real device for testing app.

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