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Cast them to ints, add them and recast back to esriSnappingType, like: snappingEnvironment.SnappingType = (esriSnappingType) ((int)esriSnappingType.esriSnappingTypePoint + (int)esriSnappingType.esriSnappingTypeEndpoint + (int)esriSnappingType.esriSnappingTypeVertex + (int)esriSnappingType.esriSnappingTypeEdge);


I found the solution thaks to : ArcObjects: Memory leak in IFeatureClass.Search (only on SDE with direct connect) Code correction : ITopologicalOperator4 topoOperateur = ((IClone)secteurPsr.Shape).Clone() as ITopologicalOperator4; IGeometry geomPsr = ((IClone)currentPsr.Value.Shape).Clone(); IPolyline polylinePsr = geomPsr ...

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