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Thanks to Dano for "pointing" me in this direction. The following is my workaround for arrows in ArcView 9.3 -Create a polyline shapefile -Add the shapefile to the map -Use Editor to draw the line -Navigate to the Symbol Selector and scroll down in the list and select either Arrow Right Middle or Arrow Left Middle -The color of the line can be changed ...


I have never tried them myself, but it looks like the iScreenDisplay interface has rotation functions: iScreenDisplay Also check out screenDisplay.DisplayTransformation.Rotation() Might be a good starting point.


I'm assuming that you are using Esri objects to connect to PostgreSQL. Each row needs to be updated one row/feature at a time. A row and a feature are identical to a database in that a feature is a row with a geometry registered with the database. In the same way a FeatureClass is a table with a geometry column. At some stage you have a featureclass, that ...

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