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Take a look at the code below. Full code in git repository can be here: https://bitbucket.org/bugramovic/fme_arcobjects_interop_example PrintStream out = System.out; FMEWorkspaceFactory fmeWorkspaceFactory = new FMEWorkspaceFactory(); IPlugInWorkspaceHelper plugInWorkspaceHelper = fmeWorkspaceFactory.openWorkspace( pathToFdlFiles ); ...


Both of the options that you are evaluating are good solutions, we already have been working in something very similar application, and we choose ArcGIS runtime for WPF about a year ago, right now we are thinking to migrate to ArcGIS runtime .NET.


I don't have a "50 reputation" to comment yet so I have to comment like this: What is the licensed product of ArcGIS that you are running? ArcGIS Basic (formerly ArcView) cannot edit an SDE workspace so if that is what you are using that could be your problem. If you are using ArcEngine, verify the licensed product that you are initializing your ...

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