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Is there any particular reason not to serve the basemap with 3857 projection, such as your area of interest is at a high latitude? Almost all basemaps you can access freely on the internet is in this projection. If you have all the original data, you can publish your own image service in perhaps any projection you want. But for cached image service, it's ...


My company uses bing maps API for geocoding and map tiles. It would appear the Bing API was returning 404 for requests for the past several hours. It just came back up, roughly 5 minutes ago. You may want to try again.


For apps I've been involved with, we use secured Feature Services (with the accounts used to secure the services coming from Active Directory - these are different than the accounts used to secure the ArcSDE layers in the geodatabase), in conjunction with a Proxy application, to control access to editable layers. An alternative to the Proxy application is to ...


The questions you raise are some of the fundamental trade-offs between performance and flexibility of tiled services. The short answer is: No, you can't reproject it 'on-the-fly' either at the server or client. In my opinion, your best choice is to adopt the web-mercator alternate sphere projection. The next-best solution is to recreate the cache in the ...

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