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I found the solution on an ESRI blog. The idea is to convert the raster to a raster object and then access the specific NoData value with .noDataValue. import arcpy arcpy.env.workspace = r'C:\temp' rasterList = arcpy.ListRasters() for raster in rasterList: rasterObj = arcpy.Raster(raster) noData = rasterObj.noDataValue print "NoData Value: ...


per comments - it seems the raster band properties contain a read-only no data property. import arcpy desc=arcpy.Describe('rasterName') print desc.noDataValue resulted in a value of -3.40282346639e+38 on a single bad ESRI binary grid that i had lying around. thanks!


this python code adds FILENAME field to all Featureclasses in a Dataset and populates with featureclass name. # Import standard library modules import arcpy, os, sys from arcpy import env # Allow for file overwrite arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True # Set the workspace directory env.workspace = r"P:\geodatabase.gdb\filename" # Get the list of the ...


I had the situation where it would take 4-5 mins to load either Arcmap or ArcCatalog. I checked the properties of my desktop icons and found that the Start in: field was blank. I pointed the Strart in: to my exe file location and now my programs each start in less than 30 secs. Hopefully this helps anyone else still reading this tread.

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