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I think that you will have to keep the polygons as separate features. Polygon multiparts are an evil construct that has no logical topology for analysis and even display in your case. What is wrong with a separate featureclass? If you want to aggregate the properties, then a Dissolve will do this. You could relate the multiple features to the single ...


One newer possibility available in GRASS7 http://grass.osgeo.org/grass70/manuals/g.gui.animation.html


I had some problems getting ArcGIS to handle NoData values correctly with the examples shown here. I extended the example from reomtesensing.io blog (which is more or less similar to the solutions shown here) to better handle NoData. Apparently ArcGIS (10.1) likes the value -3.40282347e+38 as NoData. So I convert back and forth between numpy NaN and ...

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