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I don't believe you can do this, but one workaround is to add a dummy polygon layer to your project which has no features in it, but has the same symbology as your extent indicator. Add that layer to your legend.


Okay, I see two things here. The Make Raster Layer tool makes a temporary layer, not a tangible file, so if you're looking for something that will persist after your ArcMap session is over, you need to take the layer you made and export it out to a raster file with something like the Copy Raster tool. Also, you're iterating through a list, but each time ...


Look at the Spatial Join tool. In the Field Map, you can right-click a Field name, select Merge Rule, select JOIN. Join acts as Concatenate. You can also define the delimiter, such as a comma, in the Properties dialog of the Field.


Sadly the Nibble tool requires an integer input. However, you could create an integer grid by multiplying you data by a factor equivalent to your acceptable scale. So, if you can accept, say five decimal places, create an integer grid from your raw input raster by multiplying by 100000. Perform the nibble and then divide by the same factor. Obviously ...


Its a bug in 10.4. All my old models went white as picture above after upgrading to 10.4. When i change language settings (Regional and Language Options) from Swedish to English(US) they work. Or i can keep Swedish as language but change decimal sign from , to . (in the Additional settings dialogue). ArcGIS 10.4 for Desktop ModelBuilder Regional Language ...


If you use the generate seamlines tool, then turn the seamline features into graphics, then clip each image by the seamline, then place the images in the same draw order as the seamlines and use the Blend tool, under image analysis. That should produce a good result.

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