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You can force all labels to display by changing the placement properties. Go to layer properties > Labels Tab > Placement Properties > Conflict Detection and tick on Place overlapping labels It will look a mess when you zoom out but then you get all labels.


The EPSG: 3857, WGS 84 / Pseudo Mercator in QGIS is called WGS84 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere) in ArcGIS. You are simply not using the right projection.


I feel your question is poorly titled. Your features are labeled but you are concerned that at certain scales the labels are suppressed. The common way that this is acheived (to prevent clutter like @Hornbydd says) is by setting minimum and maximum scales at which those labels are displayed:


Do you have the Data Reviewer extension? The Data Reviewer allows you to "Browse" through all features with the simple click of the "Next" button (zooms to both spatial location and attribute table record). There's a lot more functionality to Data Reviewer aside from this (such as flagging errors as "fixed", "marked" etc. and running batch jobs). Just an ...


The CEH data is a single band greyscale Tiff that has an Esri .lyr file associated with it to style it with the appropriate colours. This is not the most straightforward option for this dataset but it is consistent with other datasets that have multiple colour schemes. Digimap now provide a QML file along with the Layer file to make the data more ...

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