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What you describe sounds to me like a use case for Data Driven Pages. If they do not meet 100% of your requirements then they are well integrated with ArcPy to complete the necessary map automation.


I think you should check that you are using the List By Drawing Order view of your Table of Contents. Of the four views described in Using the table of contents it is the only one which will allow you to change the drawing order.


You need to use the Create Fishnet tool. Note there is a link at the top of that help page that leads to further information on How Create Fishnet Works, which includes some graphic examples. The simplest inputs to create the grid are to: enter an x,y coordinate for the origin point (bottom left) of the grid enter an x,y coordinate that, along with the ...


you have to control it by OnContextMenu event. you have to add an extension into your project. then in context menu event you can control that if your tool is active, context menu popup else don't popup. Private Sub OnContextMenu(x As Integer, y As Integer, ByRef handled As Boolean) If YourCommandActiveCondition Then Dim pContextMenu As ...

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