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that's nearly it, but the referencing of the field should be done on the field list, not the field name fieldList = arcpy.ListFields(r"C:\your.shp") for field in fieldList[19:]: print field.name


Instead of import sys.arcpy, try import arcpy


I would suggest creating a new field and then using 'select by attributes'. Do this for each of your three categories and populate your new field with some common value (ie. 1, 2, or 3). You could then base your symbology on this new field and properly show your three different symbols. Bit of a work around but that is how I would approach this problem.


Parcel Fabrics add a lot of overhead to manage. I would say it is worth it IF: 1) you need to manage the legal descriptions of the properties 2) you need the accuracy to be survey grade (which it appears you don't) 3) you need to manage parcel changes over time (subdivisions, boundary line adjustments, etc.) From a county government perspective, it is ...


The code you posted should not give an indentation error. I recommend that you open a new Python script and copy/paste the code you posted and run that. I will be very surprised if you receive an indentation error by doing that. I suspect that you may have moved the start of the last line left or right in the process of writing your question. W.r.t. ...


If you have the spatial analyst extension you can use the Euclidean Distance tool. 1. Convert the buffer to a raster with the "To Raster" tool (under conversion tools). 2. Then run the Euclidean Distance Tool which will create a raster with values representing distance from the cells that comprised the input raster. 3. Then if necessary, you can extract ...


I was able to find the same answer that @mkennedy wrote as a comment by using Google to search on "arcgis 10.2 vba". The first result was a page entitled Installing ArcGIS for Desktop VBA Compatibility: At ArcGIS 10.2.1 and 10.2.2, the VBA runtime is installed by the setup.exe of the ArcGIS VBA Compatibility setup program. Previous to ArcGIS 10, ...

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