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You can access this through ILayerGeneralProperties "LayerDescription" property: Dim pLayerFile As ILayerFile Set pLayerFile = New LayerFile pLayerFile.Open ("C:\Tmp\Robert.lyr") Dim pLayer As ILayer Set pLayer = pLayerFile.Layer Dim pLayerGenProp As ILayerGeneralProperties Set pLayerGenProp = pLayer MsgBox pLayerGenProp.LayerDescription Code courtesy ...


Cast them to ints, add them and recast back to esriSnappingType, like: snappingEnvironment.SnappingType = (esriSnappingType) ((int)esriSnappingType.esriSnappingTypePoint + (int)esriSnappingType.esriSnappingTypeEndpoint + (int)esriSnappingType.esriSnappingTypeVertex + (int)esriSnappingType.esriSnappingTypeEdge);

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