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On the assumption that you are using ArcGIS 10.0 SP1 (or later) for Desktop, my quick research turned up an ArcGIS Discussion Forum posting entitled Help - Large file sizes exporting to PDF using ArcPy that looks to be relevant. [At 10.0] SP1, with ExportToPDF and ExportToEPS, we added Adaptive and JPEG compressions. We also added the ...


Your lyr.replaceDataSource already knows that it is working with a SHAPEFILE_WORKSPACE and so it does not need ".shp " (which instead upsets it). If you leave it off then I think your code will work.


There is a detailed discussion about this here :http://forums.arcgis.com/threads/3644-Generate-a-grid-of-latitude-values. William Huber & Curtis Price have offered a solution which involves using the FlowAccumulation tool in ArcMap. I haven't tried it but looks straightforward to me. Curtis Price has also posted some suggestions here : ...


I assume you are wanting an output along the lines of the ASCII gridded XYZ format (or variation on this theme). There are a few simple approaches to this depending on what licence and modules you have. What I would not do, though, is manually iterate over the raster to generate your XYZ file. You could do that but it will take time to write and debug and ...

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