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My method for this was to use the Field Mappings and Table to Table conversion functions. Using field mappings you can set new fields based on the names of fields in your input table. The following link has examples for feature classes: http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/main/10.1/index.html#//018z0000007p000000 My code below will change all fields in an ...


How about just making a list of the OBJECTID's you want and making it into a query? ## start with list of all objectids all_oids = [row[0] for row in arcpy.da.SearchCursor(Input,"OBJECTID")] ## make list of every 3600th objectid oids = [] for index, oid in enumerate(range(len(all_oids))): if index % 3600 == 0: oids.append(oid) ## make sql ...

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