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You cannot have an annotation feature class as part of a geometric network, as it doesn't contain network data. However, you can add feature linked annotation into the network feature dataset after creation. You may be able to import the existing annotation fc in once the network has been created.


Here are few web-links which might be helpful:


I had the same problem. Simply replace datetimestart >=CURRENT_DATE -1 with datetimestart >=GETDATE()-1


I came across this Q&A which helped me to solve why I was unable to use a where clause on an ArcPy search cursor which could restrict the cursor to just those records which contained an underscore (_) in a particular text field. By the time I found it I had already developed a code snippet to illustrate the problem so, rather than waste that effort, I ...


Try the Feature Manipulation Engine "FME" or Data Interop extension if you have .


Okay, figured it out and feel a little stupid about it. I was using arcpy.ListFeatureClasses(layerName) which searched through the entire database. If I specify the featureclass as "C:/full/path/to/sdefile.sde/layerName" it finds the data extremely fast. Wisdom learned: don't search through the entire database if you don't have to, and if you do, just use ...


Have you tried using the Version Differences tool in ArcMap, see This gives you information on the outstanding Adds, Deletes, and Modifies between versions. Granted, you would need to do this on a version by version basis, but this may give you the ...


This can be easily done with ArcREST. from arcrest.manageorg import Administration from arcrest import AGOLTokenSecurityHandler from arcrest.agol import FeatureService from arcrest.common.filters import LayerDefinitionFilter def download_features(fs_url,where_clause,out_path): '''downloads a hosted service features into a feature class''' ...

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