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I ran into the same issue in version 10.2.0 with Oracle 11g as the back end. The data had been copied/upgraded from a 9.3.1 db and I was getting errors running any scripted process which attempted to overwrite the existing feature class despite having the overwriteOutput flag set to True. I tried deleting the table from the ArcCatalog console and it ...


I know that's an old question and it might have been answered elsewhere. However, if you need to edit footprints shapes and attributes or boundaries shapes and attributes in mosaic dataset, you need to register those objects as versioned using the register as versioned tool. It works for me at 10.2.1, but I suspect it works in older versions too.


I did something similar using our Oracle SDE Geodatabase: http://socalgis.org/2014/03/26/sde-geodatabase-feature-class-where-is-the-modified-date/ You could modify it for SQL Server and change the SQL statement to pull out a date range. Let me know if you get it working for SQL Server.


You must register the entire dataset as versioned. You cannot single out a specific feature class within the dataset. database = "C:/Test.gdb" def versionData(database): arcpy.env.workspace = database dataList = arcpy.ListTables() + arcpy.ListFeatureClasses() + arcpy.ListDatasets() for data in dataList: #skips the compress log table if ...

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