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Try refreshing the toolbox. The F5 key will refresh it, or you can right-click on it and select 'refresh.' That should update the contents of the toolbox to show your model saved under its new name.


You can definitely run your code outside of ArcMap and you probably should. You can save your code in a .py file in any text editor or IDE (take a look at PyScripter if you don't want to buy a commercial one, I am using Wing IDE). You can then run your code outside of ArcMap. Provided that you have Python path set and have associated Python with .py files, ...


You can use modelbuilder to configure your algorithm, drag & drop the tools that you need from the toolbox. Configure the inputs and outputs. And then in the model builder window export to pyhton.


After running the tool navigate to the 'Results' window, right click on the process and select "Copy As Python Snippet".


Tools can be added to model builder and exported as a python code. Not sure this answers your question but is a technique I have often used to replicate tools in python.

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