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I found the answer to my own question! For later reference...the default IDE is controlled in the Geoproessessing Options: Set the IDE by navigating to the exe for your chosen IDE, in my case PyScripter. Hit OK to apply new settings. So now when I hit Edit... on a toolbox I get this instead :-)


If the extension were installed but not enabled you'd see a padlock symbol, not a red cross. If a model or script tool has lost its reference you would see such a symbol and you'd need to fix the reference to the tool/model location. See the 10.2 Desktop Help article: Repairing a model


Providing you can differentiate between group of points to form a polyline (distance tolerance?), the following works: Find point for which total of distances to other points in the group is maximum. This makes a first point of target polyline (first point in the array) Iterate through the rest of the points to find nearest, add to the array, etc. Convert ...


add a field, [draworder] calculate the fid into it. Then use it to draw the polylines. BTW ETTOOLs has a good tool for this.

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