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Many of the tools in the toolbox cannot be edited. My understanding is that they are compiled (like dll libraries). If you want to look under the hood look for the script symbol or model symbol (both shown in this screenshot) instead of the hammer symbol. The samples in the help menu are likely a better place to start since the tools in the toolbox can be ...


ArcGIS Snap tool will do this for you (standard and up license level). You need to fill in what type of snapping you are looking for in the Type column. Also the Distance of the snapping. Also keep in mind this is a tool with no outputs, so make copies of your input data before trying.


Possibly, as long as your toolbox is totally contained with ESRI tools. If you are using any external scripts or script-blocks with Python then you will have issues as the new platform uses a newer version of python which does have a changed syntax that will break.


This from ESRI: Your existing toolboxes, models, and scripts can be reused in ArcGIS Pro. However, if you use arcpy.mapping, you may need to make adjustments to work with project files (.aprx) and maps, instead of map documents (.mxd). In addition, ArcGIS Pro uses Python 3, so it is possible that you may need to make some changes to your scripts. There ...

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