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Finally I found that , space in input feature class directory creates problem in topoToRaster tool execution. from this link : ... and the "_inputFeature" is like this: _inputFeature = "D:\Temp\line.shp Max_depth CONTOUR"// "" thanks all....


The raster interpolation, reclassification, math, and surface analysis tools in 3D Analyst that have the same name as their Spatial Analyst counterparts are using the same underyling functions.


I ended up doing it a different way, but stumbled on the subtype in <Item> declaration in toolbar tag--and it exposes the subtype. <Toolbars> <Toolbar id="gse_id" caption="gse caption" showInitially="true"> <Items> <Item refID="esriGeoprocessingUI.GPSystemToolCommand" subtype="1" ...

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