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How long ago ? There is a way tha you can look back, if possible, is to go to ArcGIS Geoprocessing menu and then you scroll down to Results. Check to see if you have that result of what you did save in that . If you want to keep these results, open Geoprocessing Options and go to Results Management and change to whenever you want. There is a list to ...


If you have the original output of this process and you actually ran it from a geo-processing tool then why not have a look at the metadata (ESRI call metadata Item Description) of this dataset? It will contain a log of this tools execution which includes the inputs, one of which will be the raster expression it was built from. If you did not run it this ...


With ArcGIS 10.1 and higher, you can use "tabulate intersection" if you have an advanced licence. You'll need to run it once per field but it gives directly what you need. Otherwise you need to do the process in several steps: 1)union of the two datasets 2)summary statistics for the resulting table, based on the ID field and each of the value field, ...


The Union tool in the Overlay Toolset is probably the easiest and quickest - then you can get the size of each polygon feature through the attribute table. However, if that is not the exact output you are looking for, browse the example outputs shown on the Overlay Toolset Overview page.

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