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Your self-answer gave me an idea. It seems your main concern with the registry fix is a user accidentally editing/deleting other things. And rightfully so... Since you already have Python installed you can script the edit, so the user never even needs to understand what is really happening. They just need to run the script. It does need to be run under ...


This is not an ideal solution. There's risk involved. Close ArcGIS Desktop on your computer. Preform a regedit: Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > ESRI > Desktop10.3 > ArcMap > DockingPaneLayouts > panestate. Search the Pane - x folders for "Title" = "ArcToolbox" (like in the screen grab below). Where this Reg_SZ exists Delete the "Pane-x" folder. ...


If you only temporarily logged in a computer with one screen, what worked for me was, to log in my usual two display workstation, dock the toolbox into one of the panels within the ArcGIS desktop window, and save the ArcMap session. This works of course only for temporary station change and you will have to use the saved arc map when you log in from a one ...


If you are on the same machine and same ArcGIS version and using shape files, then you get the same results. But if you are on a geodatabase you must consider the geodatabase resolution because you can get minor changes while moving feature class from one to one other and executing generalized at the new geodatabase on the already imported feature class.


You can use SNAP tool. To run this determine a proper distance between forest and river.Now set input layer as "Forest" and snap environment as "Rivers" then select "EDGE" with that proper distance.Run the tool. To get desired result modify the parameters and consult the documentation.


If you look at the arcgis help page for the integrate tool, it specifies this: This tool performs the same kind of work as a topology in that it moves features within an x,y tolerance and inserts vertices where features intersect. Consider using a topology to perform this sort of operation because a topology allows you to specify rules and conditions ...


With the Merge Tool, you can easily reorder fields permanently. It works with tables and feature classes. The reordering can be done through python script and even with the Tool dialog (By removing a field and re-adding it in the dialog). Although re-ordering via the dialog is not a perfect approach. It is recommended to use Merge tool once and then use ...

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