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I'm sure this is a duplicate of something but it's easier to just type it out right now. Since you have a constant value for median income, you just need the percent of a fire response area that is each income to arrive at an average median income. Make sure you have an area attribute in your two files that is separate from the automatically tracked one (if ...


I did something like this before. Assuming your road layer is a line as @SaultDon asked then you will need to use the buffer tool (use a very low value for buffer distance if you don't know the width of the road). If it's already a polygon then great! Now, with your 500x500m grid, use clip for both your building and the road(buffer) layers. The output of ...


I think your feature layer is not projected into Projected Coordinate System(e.g UTM). So re-project Geographic Coordinate Systems (e.g WGS84) into Projected (e.g UTM) and then you will be able to calculate area.


It is correct to use an equal area projection in order to compute the area of your polygon. However, in your case, you should be aware that only the vertices of a polygon are projected when you change the coordinate system. Between the vertices, straight lines are then interpolated (but if you have a huge polygons, those lines should have been curves), ...

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