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Apart from the fact that the EPSG:3857 projection does not preserve areas, the units of it are not real meters. Only at the equator they match real meters, while they get stretched the more to the poles you go. UTM does not preserve areas either, but it minimizes distance errors as long as you are within the same UTM zone (which is not the case in the ...


First you need to reclassify the DEM data in 2 classes : Z < 2000 : 0 Z > 2000 : 1 Then just convert the resulting integer raster to vector and keep class 1 only. That will make a 2000 meter area mask. Finally, you just need to clip, union or intersect your animal range polygons and this new polygon mask to be able to calculate your area info in the ...


First, you need an equal-area projection. Like Michael Miles-Stimson said, the WGS84 UTM Zone 51 North would be a good coordinate system. Second, to actually calculate the area, you need to go in the attribute table, add a new column, and use the field calculator with the $area expression. Hope it helps!

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