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When you run the buffer tool there is an option to "Dissolve Buffer Results". If you check this box then any buffers that overlap should be merged into one common feature. Therefore when you calculate the area of the pond that intersects the buffer it will only intersect one feature and not two overlapping features. Update: Hi Vito, in regards to your ...


Uhg. Just learned this: watershed area (in km^2) = #pixels accumulated *cell size^2 (in m) / 1000000


So after a week of trial and error, I figured it out for myself... again. $(document).ready(function () { var wgs84Sphere = new ol.Sphere(6378137); var interactions = ol.interaction.defaults({ altShiftDragRotate: false, pinchRotate: false }); var measureTooltipEiement; var draw; var measureTooltip; var ...


I recently needed to have similar functionality. See the following JSfiddle. You can adjust the math portion according to your needs. Fiddle

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