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I found out that if I enter the .asc ending for the output file it will generate an ASCII file. However, it would be nice to know another way as well.


Have you thought about using a combination delimiter? For instance, if you know $, ^, and # may be used in your string, make the delimiter #&^. I am not sure if QGIS supports multiple character delimiters directly. You can always call python's split("#&^") in order to manually split the string and handle individual values that way. We ran into ...


You have a coordinate in your ascii for georeferencing but it does not tell anything about the coordinate reference system (CRS). Use the "Define Projection" tool from the toolbox to add a spatial reference to your raster and your shapefile. (It looks like UTM?). If they both are in the same reference system they will be displayed on top of each other.

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