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Just put $rownum as the expression. Simple as that. :)


To answer the first part of your question, I think it helps to look at the additional text in the Creating Attribute Indexes help file about Multi-column indexes. The order in which fields appear in a multicolumn index is important. In a multicolumn index with column A preceding column B, column A will be used to conduct the initial search. Also, ...


There are at least 9 top reasons to use File Geodatabase over Personal Geodatabase. Unfortunately, there are still a lot more reasons to keep the old PGDB around; your dilemma being one of them. (no ESRI publication on this topic) I believe the primary purpose of FGDB over PGDB is storage capacity and performance of spatial data (drawing speed, retrieval, ...


From @Hornbydd's link above, the key section would be Attribute index names which says: In ArcSDE: Must be unique in the database Must start with a letter Cannot contain spaces Cannot contain reserved words but in File Geodatabases: There are no restrictions on how you can name an attribute index in a file geodatabase.


Reviving this thread/issue, I found it can be usefull to combine, where possible, FGDB and PGDB. For instance, make a scratch-geodatabase a PGDB greatly helped performance of queries. The size of the PGDB should not increase too much, as mentioned above.


Just play with the signal layerChanged from QgsMapLayerComboBox Below, you will find a simple example to get layer id with when you change layer in QgsMapLayerComboBox. You could instead use the setLayer slot from QgsFieldComboBox to set the attributes you want to display in your second combobox (assuming you have both combo components ...


To get past this error: ExecuteError: ERROR 000308: Invalid field type try changing: arcpy.AddIndex_management (fc, f , "inx_" + name, "NON_UNIQUE", "NON_ASCENDING") to: arcpy.AddIndex_management (fc, , "inx_" + name, "NON_UNIQUE", "NON_ASCENDING") This tool is expecting a field name, or list of field names, and you are providing it with a ...

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