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Just put $rownum as the expression. Simple as that. :)


To answer the first part of your question, I think it helps to look at the additional text in the Creating Attribute Indexes help file about Multi-column indexes. The order in which fields appear in a multicolumn index is important. In a multicolumn index with column A preceding column B, column A will be used to conduct the initial search. Also, ...


There are at least 9 top reasons to use File Geodatabase over Personal Geodatabase. Unfortunately, there are still a lot more reasons to keep the old PGDB around; your dilemma being one of them. (no ESRI publication on this topic) I believe the primary purpose of FGDB over PGDB is storage capacity and performance of spatial data (drawing speed, retrieval, ...


Reviving this thread/issue, I found it can be usefull to combine, where possible, FGDB and PGDB. For instance, make a scratch-geodatabase a PGDB greatly helped performance of queries. The size of the PGDB should not increase too much, as mentioned above.


To get past this error: ExecuteError: ERROR 000308: Invalid field type try changing: arcpy.AddIndex_management (fc, f , "inx_" + name, "NON_UNIQUE", "NON_ASCENDING") to: arcpy.AddIndex_management (fc, f.name , "inx_" + name, "NON_UNIQUE", "NON_ASCENDING") This tool is expecting a field name, or list of field names, and you are providing it with a ...

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