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Just wanted to provide an update to this question, I know it was awhile back. So, yes, it is now possible to add a field to an already existing table in ArcGIS Online. Just open the attribute table, click on Table Options on the right hand-side, and then select Add Field.


I am not aware of a way to disable a coded value domain in the Attribute window used for editing and there is an existing ArcGIS Idea to do what you are asking so I think this reinforces that it is not currently possible: It would be nice if the Attribute Window would follow the same appearance rules as set in the attribute table regarding viewing ...


For your goal percent of roof area of their respective floor area (only the roof areas that sit in the floor areas) I suggest the following steps: add a column with the floor area to the floor layer if it doesn't exist intersect the roof layer with the floor layer add a column with the intersection area to the intersection result layer compute the ...

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