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Looks like you did it a little out of order and you need to use the standard toolbar to do the copy/paste. Per ArcGIS Resources here, you need to do the following: Steps: Click the Edit tool or the Edit Annotation tool on the Editor toolbar and select the annotation. Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking features to select additional features. Click the ...


I would suggest using arcpy (Python programming) but since you are not comfortable with that, I'd suggest ModelBuilder. It has GUI and the learning curve is not very steep. You will be using several geoprocessing tools within ArcGIS and chain them within a visual canvas (a bit like MS Visio). The result of one tool's run will become an input for the next one ...


This seems to be a long running bug in QGIS: How to convert KML to shapefile without losing attributes? I am pretty sure it worked some time, but QGIS 1.8 and 2.2 show the same behaviour you mention. Add vector Layer is using OGR/GDAL in the background, and that has two drivers for kml reading (KML and LIBKML), but LIBKML is not included in OSGEO4W builds. ...


I just had the same problem and mmqgis only gave me error messages ("no matching records found"), but here is another solution to the problem that worked perfectly for me.

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