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At FOSS4G they perform a Benchmark test every year against various WMS Servers. Being in the Open Source spirit, they use free datasets, document everything, and release the source code so you can probably pick what you want from it. You can find out a little more from the wiki page: Unfortunately it looks to be ...


I know that in the past our organization has made a custom suite to benchmark different hardware setups for GIS, so I would assume that (back then, at least) there was nothing that fit the bill for comparison. As SP11 mentions, you should be specific as to what you want to compare. I would assume it is likely just a small number of different hardware ...


Please try this link I think that is the right resource.


Have you tried here Found this, any good?


Actually its very good question..I think its related to load balancing of various GIS tasks.. You can not compare any GIS software based on performance..the every GIS software consists various different component which depend on OS,hardware and many other parameter.. For ex. let say image processing can compare this task in GRASS and ...

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