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Bing's terms of use require you to use the extent based attributions obtained through Bing's APIs. Because changing the attribution would be a violation of these terms, it is not supported in OpenLayers 3.


ArcBruTile displays basemaps from OpenStreetMap, Bing,... and many others in ArcGIS Desktop 10.0/10.1/10.2. It also supports client side caching. TMS,WMT-s and WMS-C support I suggest you to utilize this free tool, to use Bing maps with your ArcGis. ArcBlueTile on Codeplex


I encounter this problem all the time. The best work-around I have found is to add the basemaps as an image service via the catalog. The results are astonishingly fast compared to adding a basemap. Use the following URL: http://server.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services Additionally, make sure your data frame is using the default basemap ...

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